Child Resistant Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Hello and thanks for taking the time to review these words.  I will attempt to list the packaging options available to you with regard to your need for child resistant (CR) packaging for your different products.  Have you checked your state regulations as they pertain to CR packaging?  As more and more states legalize some form of either recreational or medial marijuana, there will be a continued approach to protecting the younger population via CR packaging requirements.  Most states are beginning to implement this policy with more to follow.  If you need it now, we have it.  If you think you will need it in the future, now is the time to start.  With liability issues a major concern, CR packaging is a very reasonable safety approach.  

Below I will summarize the different options we have to comply with CR packaging requirements.

CR Bags.  We have two styles available.  One is referred to as the Exit bag.  This bag has a top external zipper with a red CR release feature for open and closing.  They can be made in White, Black or clear.  Since most states are asking for opaque packaging, we are stocking the white and black.  Two sizes are available from stock.  11.5" x 8" w 4" bottom gusset and a 8.5" x 5.75" w 2.5" bottom gusset.  If you wanted them customized offset there would be a 10,000 min.  If you wanted to customize a smaller quantity, we can heat transfer your logo.  We also offer the Dymapack CR bags which uses a hidden pull feature to open.  These bags come in all sizes, gram, 3.5 gr, 7 gr, 14 gr, 28 gr and larger.  These can also can be customized both ways.  These also come in opaque white.  CR bags can be used for individual products or point of sale closure.

CR Closures.  We stock and offer a complete line of CR closures for any liquid or solid package.  When considering any closure, liner choice is your option.  Depending on the container and product, there are different liner options available.  This is also a place where you can introduce a tamper evident liner, like an aspirin package.  Most of the closures are polypropylene but metal closures are also available.  It is always best to consult a packaging professional regarding these issues.  These CR closures can be used on almost all stock packaging, glass and plastic.  We stock a variety of jars, bottles and closures to get you started.

CR pop top vials.  These are fantastic CR packages.  They are hinged plastic vials that can only be opened when exerting pressure on the top sides.  They are also great for customized branding.  They seem to get re used for some time so brand recognition value can be maximized.  We carry these in white, black and natural in all sizes.  You can see them listed here on the site.

CR twist and turn vials.  These are very similar to the pop tops but the are sturdier two piece.  The closures detach from the container.  Closures can sometimes be color matched but most of the time come in a stock white printed.  These are the same type of vial that comes from the pharmacy.  We can get these in some funky colors, red, green and blue.  Check our site for options.

CR boxes.  We currently offer two types of CR boxes.  One is from Crativ and it comes in two sizes.  They are also one piece and hinged.  They open with side pressure as well.  These are perfect for edibles, pre rolls and kits of all sorts.  The top and bottom panels make it ideal to customize with our heat transfer method.  The branding potential is enormous.  Same with the Two piece paperboard CR box by one of custom manufacturers.  This is a push in and slide box and can also make for quite a customized package.  This is a perfect choice for cartridges.

When making a choice for CR packaging I suggest you give us a call to go over your options while we accumulate product knowledge to help you pick the right package.  I can always be reached at,, or by phone at 410-242-8888888888888888888888888!  Peace to you and your package.

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